About Newlife

Newlife is the UK's largest charitable provider of essential equipment to meet the specialist needs of children with disabilities and terminal illness. Our long history of understanding the needs of families through our Nurse Helpline and dynamically developing UK wide equipment services, means that we have a national perspective on equipment need and barriers to provision - but also crucially know how to operationally provide the right equipment at the right time.

Click here for more information about all of Newlife's Care Services or visit impact.newlifecharity.co.uk to understand the difference made to families across the UK.

Newlife has three very simple criteria. If you feel you are eligible for any of our products, please feel free to contact us for more information.

My child is not yet 19 years old.
Newlife helps disabled and terminally ill children up to their 19th Birthday.
My child is a resident in the UK.
Although Newlife can grant equipment to any residing child with a disability, access to some loan services may be limited if the child is not a permanent resident. If in doubt, call Newlife's Care Services Team on 0800 902 0095.
My child has a significant disability.
Newlife will help all children with a disability (whether formally diagnosed or not) irrespective of the cause (Genetic, Infection, Cancer, Trauma, etc) or condition prognosis (Disabled, Life-threatened, Life-limited, Terminally ill).

About Newlifeable

  • We work with statutory service commissioners, local equipment stores, special needs schools, various other organisations and individual families to find unused specialist children’s disability equipment.
  • We organise the free collection of this equipment at a time which is suitable for all parties.
  • We ensure equipment is clinically cleaned, refurbished and certified to the Medical Health Regulatory Association (MHRA) guidelines.
  • We arrange free provision of this equipment to children with disabilities or terminal illness and their families, who desperately need it – or sell it on to families/organisations to meet child specific needs.

For more information on Newlifeable please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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