Frequently Asked Questions

What type of equipment is available?
There is a wide range of highly refurbished paediatric equipment, but predominantly mobility and seating items. Some of this is bespoke, i.e it was previously tailored to a specific child's needs, but can be easily adapted to meet new needs. There are some general (off the shelf) items too.
Where has the equipment come from?
In the main, the equipment has been donated to Newlife by Statutory Services who were unable to use it within their locality. Alternatively we may have accepted donations directly from families who no longer need the equipment because their child's health needs have changed over time, or they have simply outgrown it.
How much does the equipment cost to purchase?
For children and their families who are eligible for Newlife's Care Services and can gain written professional support for their application form, it costs absolutely nothing! The equipment is free and is readily available for children who are in real need of essential equipment. However, we understand that significant barriers can make it difficult to gain professional support from an appropriate professional. Therefore, we can sell this equipment to families 'sold as seen' without the ability to further tailor it to meet specific needs but with the guarantee that it has been made fit for use. Delivery costs will be provided upon request, as they vary according to the size of the equipment and the locality to which it needs delivering.

We can also sell equipment to organisations such as statutory services (health services and local authorities), other charities and schools. Quotes are available upon request. Some of the equipment would have cost several thousands of pound so there are real savings to be made by calling 01543 431465. All sales must cover the cost of refurbishment and delivery (prices available upon request) to enable us to support the growing number of UK children with disabilities and terminal illnesses.
Do I need to fulfil some kind of eligibility criteria to apply?
Newlife exists to help families caring for disabled and terminally ill children. To access this refurbished equipment free of charge, the child must be under 19 years old and be a resident in the UK. If your child's health/behavioural needs are significant, then you are more than likely eligible to apply. Simply click here to download an application form with supporting notes. If you are unsure, please contact our Care Services Team on 0800 902 0095.
Great! If I've seen a piece of equipment that would help my child, what do I do next?
Simple. If you wish to purchase the equipment in line with the terms and conditions of sale, or have specific questions about the available equipment, call Newlifeable's Customer Services Team on 01543 431465 or email Newlifeable here.
To access the free provision of this refurbished equipment, because you believe you are eligible for Newlife's Care Services, just phone 0800 902 0095 (free from UK mobiles & landlines) and speak to the Care Services Team on Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 5pm and tell us which equipment you need from our website. You will be supported through completion of an application form for an Equipment Grant (long-term gifting of equipment) or depending on circumstances we may consider an Emergency Loan to meet short-term urgent needs and subsequently just capture details over the phone or by email to suit you.
How will I know if the equipment is the right piece of equipment for my child?
We provide a full specification and measurements for each piece of equipment that is available. We will need to liaise with the local health and social care professionals involved in your child's care - normally an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Social Worker or Specialist Nurse - regarding the suitability of the equipment. Newlife does not provide individual assessments. Depending on the nature of the equipment, and our relationship with the refurbishing supplier, we may need to facilitate an equipment assessment led by the supplier (but ideally with relevant professionals involved) prior to provision.
Why do I need a professional to support my interest in a piece of equipment?
Many pieces of equipment available are technical items and therefore the suitability must be discussed with the local professionals involved in your child's care. If you plan to apply for free provision, written support from a suitable professional will be required through completion of an application form. If you plan to purchase the equipment, no written support will be required, but the transaction should be made on the understanding that you have consulted local professionals and they have verbally supported your decision to purchase the equipment.
Will I need to fill in any forms?
For free provision, families only need to complete one simple application form once the professional has confirmed that the equipment will meet the child's requirements. Our grant form will confirm the terms and conditions of the grant which are simple and easy to understand. For the purchase of equipment, all details will be captured over the phone.
Has the equipment been cleaned and declared safe, in accordance with the MHRA guidance?
Yes. Newlife has worked with professional and trusted equipment suppliers and manufacturers who have cleaned, serviced and certified all items of equipment in accordance with directions provided by the MHRA. Unless otherwise indicated, they have also given a warranty.
What else will I get with the product in terms of paperwork?
Newlife will provide all instruction manuals with each piece of equipment.
What happens if when the equipment is delivered it needs altering?
When we grant or loan equipment, we use discretionary funds to make essential post delivery adjustments to these items. These should be clinically necessary to enable continued use of equipment. All equipment is 'sold as seen' unless a pre-provision assessment has been undertaken by a supplier to bespoke the equipment. Newlife will facilitate such assessments, but not incur any associated costs.
Do I need to be at home to accept a delivery?
Yes. If the equipment can be couriered to you, we will need a signature to accept delivery. If the equipment will require setup within the family home, you and your child will be needed. It is also likely that the professional working with your child will want to organise an appointment following delivery. It is your responsibility to inform that you have received equipment following grant/loan or purchase. Please note that the equipment can be couriered to any address in the UK - and will normally occur within a week of the equipment being purchased/authorised. If it is being purchased for use outside of the UK, please expect a longer delivery period. Delivery dates and times may be restricted to reduce costs to Newlife, but greater delivery flexibility may be possible at extra cost to the family/organisation.
Can I collect an item rather than having it delivered?
Yes. Please call 01543 431465 to arrange to collect an item, our offices in Cannock (Staffordshire) are open between the hours of 9.30am and 5pm, Monday - Friday.