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Newlife knows the true difference made by equipment provision to families caring for children with complex medical and behavioural needs. Our Nurses provide information and care to support their holistic needs. Our Care Services provide responsive equipment services to improve child health and family wellbeing. Newlifeable supports families who are desperate for essential equipment that they, and their professionals, know will make a real difference. Equipment that can enable a child to go to school, sleep at night free of pain, independently care for themselves or visit extended family and socialise in their communities. Newlife is committed to making a difference through its Equipment Grant and Emergency Equipment Loan Service - but now families and organisations can purchase life changing, high quality, low cost equipment.

With a UK wide chronic shortage of available equipment, we have developed this recycling solution by working with trusted and experienced equipment suppliers/manufacturers to create a suite of fully refurbished equipment that has been donated by local statutory services and families. This equipment may not have been needed in one local area but can now be released to help thousands of children who do need the equipment across the UK. Each item has been clinically cleaned, refurbished, serviced and certified in line with Medical Health Regulatory Authority (MHRA) guidelines and given a warranty. This equipment is readily available, so that Newlife can provide the right equipment right now!

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