About The Newlifeable Website

This website is an exciting new venture which is a co-operation between Murrays Medical and Newlife the Charity. The website and the product recycling service delivery will be wholly managed and operated by Murrays Medical Equipment Ltd.

Murrays Medical will look after the collection of unused or no longer wanted specialist disability equipment. Murrays Medical will ensure all equipment made available through the website has been cleaned, refurbished and certified to Medical Health Regulatory Association (MHRA) guidelines. For more information on Newlifeable please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

We’ve made a difference

Click here for more information about all of Newlife’s Care Services or visit impact.newlifecharity.co.uk to understand the difference made to families across the UK.

About Newlifeable

The Newlife Charity will continue their strong tradition of advocacy for disabled children and their families as well as their pioneering advocacy “Right Equipment – Right Time.”

Newlife CEO, Sheila Brown, OBE, said: “Authorities sending fully functional disability equipment to landfill is not only extremely bad for the planet, but devastating for the families denied equipment from statutory services and simply unable to afford to buy brand new direct from suppliers.” Shelia also highlights that by rescuing and refurbished many thousands of pieces of specialist equipment from being sent to landfill, there is a clear demand from families for the service, not to mention the far reaching environmental benefits.

Newlife will benefit from every sale of refurbished equipment through the website and this, in turn, will help Newlife to continue support the work of the charity.

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