Newlife helps disabled and terminally ill children who are in crisis every single day, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, these children and their families need our support more than ever.

Disabled children are most at risk from the effects of COVID-19, and with your support, we can act. Due to COVID-19 Newlife Stores have temporarily closed to protect both staff and the public, and with many of our fundraising activities planned for the year cancelled, and we are unable to access the chancellor government support package.

Newlife has written to the Chancellor to plead for an emergency grant for our vital services after being excluded from a slice of the government funding allocated to supporting charities through the pandemic.

Because there is a statutory duty to provide the sort of equipment does, we are unable to apply to Children In Need or Comic Relief, or other aids mentioned by the chancellor for funding. But in reality, families turn to Newlife every day in desperation because of the continued delays ​and cuts to those statutory services, whether that be because of red tape or poor planning.

You could continue to give the ability to children who need it the most, possibly by donating the cost of your daily commute or the money you might otherwise budget for petrol, coffee, lunch or even your currently frozen gym membership.
All of our free services are still running and delivering including our Equipment Grants and Emergency Equipment loan service which provides equipment to keep children safe, free them from pain and allow them to leave the hospital and go home.