Frequently asked questions

We’ve put together a selection of questions that are commonly asked. Feel free to check out our frequently asked questions below and if you have anything to ask that’s not here then please Contact Us.

Can I collect an item rather than having it delivered?2019-02-27T16:20:29+00:00

Yes, by prior arrangement. Please call 01527 871924 to arrange to collection.

Do I need to be at home to accept a delivery?2019-01-29T09:15:11+00:00

Yes, as we will need a signature as proof of delivery.

Please note, your order will be delivered approx. 10 working days from date of order. If the equipment will require setup within the family home, you and your child will be needed. It is also likely that the professional working with your child will want to organise an appointment following delivery. Please note, for setup services an additional cost will apply.

What else will I get with the product in terms of paperwork?2019-01-29T09:15:32+00:00

We will provide all instruction manuals with each piece of equipment.

Has the equipment been cleaned and declared safe, in accordance with the MHRA guidance?2019-01-29T09:16:02+00:00

Yes. Murrays Medical Equipment are a professional and trusted equipment supplier who have cleaned, serviced and certified all items of equipment in accordance with directions provided by the MHRA. We also offer a 3 month warranty on all equipment & 12 months on replacement batteries unless otherwise specified.

Will I need to fill in any forms?2019-01-29T09:16:35+00:00

For free provision, families only need to complete one simple application form once the professional has confirmed that the equipment will meet the child’s requirements. Our grant form will confirm the terms and conditions of the grant which are simple and easy to understand. For the purchase of equipment, all details will be captured over the phone.

How will I know if the equipment is the right piece of equipment for my child?2019-01-29T09:16:23+00:00

We provide full specification and measurements for each piece of equipment sold on our website. You should liaise with the local health and social care professionals involved in your child’s care – normally an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Social Worker or Specialist Nurse – regarding the suitability of the equipment.

If I’ve seen a piece of equipment that would help my child, what do I do next?2019-02-27T16:21:08+00:00

If you wish to purchase any of the equipment available, in line with the terms and conditions of sale, you can do so by ordering through the newlifeable website, or, if you have specific questions about the available equipment, call Murrays Medical on 01527 871924 or email newlifeable@murraysmedical.co.uk.

Where has the equipment come from?2019-01-29T09:17:52+00:00

Equipment is donated from many sources, and for many reasons. Equipment selected for refurbishment and offered for sale will need to meet a strict quality and usefulness criteria, and will in the whole have simply been outgrown, or become redundant when needs change

What type of equipment is available?2019-01-29T09:18:08+00:00

All types of community medical equipment will be found in our catalogue. On the whole equipment is modular and can be reconfigured to suit your needs.

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