Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children has announced that Murrays Medical will take over the running of its successful specialist equipment recycling service, Newlifeable.

Newlife launched the unique recycling service in 2014/15 following reports that large quantities of perfectly good disability equipment were being sent to landfill or left to gather dust in healthcare stores across the UK.

With families struggling to get hold of specialist equipment through their local health or social care services, and with a price tag of hundreds, often thousands of pounds, many had no alternative but to buy secondhand from online auction sites.

Newlife CEO, Sheila Brown, OBE, said: “Authorities sending fully functional disability equipment to landfill is not only extremely bad for the planet, but devastating for the families denied equipment from statutory services and simply unable to afford to buy brand new direct from suppliers.

“The danger of buying secondhand equipment through an auction site, or car boot sale, is there’s no guarantee that it works, as well as the obvious concern about cleanliness and, most importantly, is it suited to the child’s needs.”

Murrays, who have over 30 years’ experience in the Healthcare industry, has been working with Newlife to manage the equipment recycling service over the last three years; clinically cleaning and refurbishing the items to meet stringent MRSA standards (as used in NHS), with Newlife selling to families in need at a reduced, affordable cost.

Newlife’s CEO, Sheila Brown, OBE, said: “In the three years we’ve been running this unique service, we’ve rescued and refurbished many thousands of pieces of specialist equipment from being sent to landfill, proving there’s a clear demand from families, not to mention the far reaching environmental benefits.

“Families in desperate need of equipment, often unable to get it through statutory means, have been able to purchase equipment at an affordable price with peace of mind that it’s fully functioning, clinically clean, safe to use and fit for purpose.

“Having proved the service works, we’re delighted to announce that Murrays will take over the full service supplementing its current offerings.

Any families or healthcare professionals that have pediatric specialist equipment that is no longer required can get in touch via the website, to arrange collection of the items.  The team will then refurbish the pieces that can be resold, or break down those that can’t for parts so the raw materials, such as metal or wood, can be recycled.

Newlife will receive a donation of 10% from every sale of the refurbished equipment that will support the core work of the charity.

To arrange an equipment collection – call 01527 871924.  Next time you’re looking for equipment visit for a great range of low cost, quality items.

Good for your pocket, our children and the planet.