Chunc 45/54

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The Chunc 45° children’s wheelchair makes a vital contribution to a 24 hour postural management programme. The adaptability and versatility of our Chunc support options enable therapists to optimally position and support the wheelchair user.

This ensures that the most bio mechanically efficient position of the pelvis and spine can be achieved as well as ensuring excellent support to the thighs, feet and head. Using this highly effective and comfortable postural management system, the child will achieve an improvement in the facilitation of cognitive, communicative and functional skills.

This provides a solid foundation for enhanced participation with friends, carers and parents. Furthermore, it ensures that the child is optimally supported to prevent or reduce deformity, or accommodate deformity and prevent further deterioration.

1 in stock

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The item is refurbished but used. There will be some general wear and tear marks.

Approx £2500 new

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  • Seat Depth – 220 mm – 480 mm
  • Seat Width – 150 mm – 430 mm
  • Back Rest Height – 360 mm – 660 mm
  • Seat to Heel – 210 mm – 480 mm
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use also
  • Due to Max User Weight 54 kg