Invacare Birdie Hoist 180Kg

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The Invacare Birdie offer a truly comfortable lift and transfer to or from beds, chairs or even the floor. The lifters are designed to ensure that folding and unfolding can be carried out easily and without the need for tools. In addition, the lifter can be dismantled into two parts if needed– also without tools.

1 in stock

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The item is refurbished but used, there will be some general wear and tear marks.

Electronic opening legs.
Some minor scrapes and scratches.
Fully refurbished.
Load tested.

Item Number:181042

Warranty Period: 6 Months.

Maximum lifting capacity 180Kg
Total weight incl. hanger bar 42Kg
Weight, mast, incl. battery, excl. hanger bar 21Kg
Weight leg section 19Kg
Lifting range 1265mm
Total length 1250

Instructions of use