Sidhill Bradshaw Hi-Lo Care Bed

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Electrically operated fully profiling nursing care bed developed specifically to meet the needs of community and nursing home applications. Strong and durable, using special lightweight construction materials and techniques to create a four section bed which is functional, stable and ideal for community care applications. Enhanced domestic appearance with attractive rounded and covered ends in Oak.

1 in stock

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Key Features:

Electrically operated profiling bed for Community and Nursing Home use.

Variable height for ease of client access and to ease the work of the carer by reducing client lifting and handling.

Infinitely variable tilt.

Quick and easy assembly, even within limited spaces.

Adjustable self locking side rails providing additional safety which can be released at both head and foot ends.

Hoist can still be used even with the bed in its lowest position.

Lockable handset (9 button version available excluding head down tilt).

Innovative design enables side rails to lower to platform level for greater patient comfort.

Attractive domestic appearance with high quality covered wooden head and foot ends and full length integral wooden side rails (If Selected).

The bed breaks down into four sections and, when not in use, it can be disassembled and stored on transport stands enabling safe and compact storage.



  • Length:224.5cm
  • Width:105cm
  • Height Range:39 to 81cm
  • Highest Point:135cm
  • Max User Weight:178kg (28st)