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Smirthwaite Foxdenton

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Foxdenton is a solid classroom school chair for children from 3 years old who require minimal levels of postural support when seated. The appearance of the Foxdenton school chair has been purposely created to ensure your child feels more included in the classroom environment.
Good seating posture starts with stabilising the pelvis. The Foxdenton has simple side supports that can be adjusted to keep your child’s pelvis better aligned.

1 in stock

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The item is refurbished but used, there will be some general wear and tear marks.

Approx £320 new.

Item Number: 181028

Warranty Period: 6 Months.

Colour: Red.

Seat width: 120-240mm
Seat depth: 255mm
Seat height: 300mm
Weight: 4Kg
User Weight: 20Kg

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