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The Trippel chair is a chair where head, torso and sitting balance can be trained. For the youngest children (toddlers), intended as a therapy tool, with the opportunity to toddle. The Trippel is used in home situations or day care centers so that children can move themselves and discover their world together with friends.

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The item is refurbished but used, there will be some general wear and tear marks.

Approx. £1400 new.

Item Number: 181007

Warranty Period: 6 Months.


Length: 57cm
Width: 40cm
Seat height: 20cm
Max seat height: 28cm
Seat width: 18cm
Max seat width: 30cm
Seat depth: 18cm
Max seat depth: 35cm
Castor wheels: 5”
Wheels: 16”
Max User Weight: 20Kg