Veldink Kiddo Tilt


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The Kiddo Tilt has been designed to offer exceptional adjustability and is provided with our revolutional tilt system! The ideal positioning of the shoulder axle in relation to the rear wheel. Tilting without change of center of gravity. This tilting function allows the smooth change of the user´s position and grants an effective relaxation of spine and pelvis. The Tilt is a practical indoor and outdoor wheelchair and ideal for children who want to drive themselves.

1 in stock



Telemagenta (Pink) with Purple handle
Anti tips
24” Rear wheels with air tyres
Standard brakes
Tie down brackets
One piece footplate with heel support edge

Wooden seat plate (the customer used their own cushion)

Height adjustable armrests

One piece back with side supports

Headrest Height adjustable push handle set to 45 degrees

Chest Harness

Legrest harness


Seat Width: 27cm
Back Height: 46cm
Seat Depth: 39cm
Seat Height: 50cm
Leg Length: 30cm (lower leg length)
Headrest height: 66cm
Armrest height: 22cm

Instructions for Use

User Manual Kiddo Tilt (gecomprimeerd)